Sunday, March 25, 2012

A great week!

This last week has been great.  Not really with tons of success, but just cool experiences, which I have such a hard time expressing through email, but I'll try.  First off we haven't really been able to meet with our investigators recently.  They've been really busy and stuff, so that’s been trying but Elder Head and I are getting through it.

So let’s start with Sunday. We had a goal of at least two investigators last week, and we had only been able to find one by Sunday, so we spent the hours after church finding until our last appointment for the night at 7.  And we found... a lot of diddly squat!!  Just a plethora of slammed doors.  Not my idea of success.  But that's cool - nothing that much out of the norm.  So eventually it came time to travel to our next appointment, and about fifty feet from the front door, this lady across the street yells “Hey I know them”.  Which isn't uncommon either, so we kinda glanced over, thought she wasn't talking about us and kept on walking.  Then she left her friends and ran after us and shouted "hey wait up"...  I guess she was talking about us.  So we stopped and she caught up and was like “Do you remember me (to Elder Head)?”  Turns out she worked at a Duane Reade (Pharmacy here in NY) and he had contacted her when he was serving in the East Bronx.  A long way from where we are now.  He eventually remembered her as well, and she was like "Hey I want Bible studies now!!"  And then she asked if we could come to the Bronx.  We said “no, but there are missionaries there who could pass by” and she was like “No I want you two”.  "Could I come over here once a week and you could teach me?"  And we were like of course!!  So we exchanged info, and parted ways.  But it was just way cool to have that experience, especially for Elder Head.  Just shows that no matter what we do, the Lord has a way of making sure all those who need to receive the message, receive it.

After this experience we met a couple other people and so in the coming weeks we should be able to find a few new people to talk to, which is awesome.  And we had a great training from President Smith about teaching, and then yesterday we applied the model he gave us in one of our lessons, and it was just AWESOME!!  The model was [Observe and Listen --> Discern --> Talk], which was a great help for us, and the lesson with the family was great.  We found 2 news as well. 

That’s about all I got for now.  It's good to hear the all is well back on the home front.  Just let me know if I missed anything, or if you've got any comments or concerns.

Love, Carson

P.S.  I added a photo of the member I mentioned last week - the one who reminds me of Grandma Dilling (if she were Hispanic).

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