Friday, April 20, 2012

The Black Plague

Well hey there,

It's been a little bit of a tough week.  The Black Plague came to our apartment.  And the reason I call it the Black Plague is because it came when we found some mice (the Black Plague was was carried though Europe on rats).  But that mouse problem is taken care of.  We caught and killed three of them, and they shouldn't be bothering us anymore.  So yeah, that can count as my funny story I guess.

We haven't been able to find much since last week, we did a look up a past investigator named Martha who we had a great lesson with.  She is this older Dominican lady who has had a lot of challenges with her kids and her health.  We had a really good lesson with her about faith and perseverance, and WOW…she's such an amazing example.  She referred to Job, and all that he went through, and how he didn't complain and then said that what she's going though is nothing compared to him, and she knows that God won’t ask more of her than she can support, and we pretty much just got to know her, and who she is.  It was what I thought was a really good first lesson, and I'm excited to go back by her house and get to know her a little more, and teach her how the restored gospel can really bless her life and her family’s life.

Another cool kinda funny thing that happened was on Saturday.  One of the Elders (Elder Hill) in my District turned 20 on Sunday.  For his birthday he wanted to go out for dinner on Saturday night as a District.  He and I were on a bit of a split so that Elder Head and Elder Bartlett could buy him a gift.  We went knocking and hadn't had much luck, when one of the other missionaries gave us a call and said that the line at Dallas BBQ was huge, which sucks, because we didn’t have all the time in the world.  Anyways, on our way out of the last building Elder Hill said a prayer asking that we could get a reservation.  He finished his prayer and we left the building, and not 75 feet from the building he got a text saying that we had received a reservation for 8:00 (twenty five minutes from then).  When we got to Dallas BBQ and saw how packed it was we were amazed.  So lesson learned…God answers prayers.  No matter how silly they may sound. 

So yeah, that’s about it for this week.  I hope all continues to go super well, and I love you all.