Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rough Spots

Ok, so another week has come and gone.  I am still companions with Elder Lopez, He goes home at the end of this cycle, and I'll probably stay in Peekskill for one cycle after he leaves, but hey, you never know.  Anyways we still have this next six weeks, and we have some pretty good goals to help us receive the miracles that we want (unfortunately we are really in some dire need of them).  On Monday we had a Meeting with the Zone to discuss the goals that we want to set for the month of March and so Elder Lopez and I had to plan a goal for our companionship that would work towards the Zone goal.  (Zone goal=all companionships added together.)  So on the way to the meeting, we were talking about our investigators, and about who we thought could be baptized in March.  And through our discussion, we came up with 3.  Two of those three being Cibelis and Israel.  We decided that we both felt good about our goal, and that we could achieve it if we continued to work hard and be obedient.

Now we have been having a pretty hard time recently with finding people, and getting the number of lessons that we want to get on a weekly basis, and many of our investigators have been calling and dropping us.  and so it happened again, on the way home from the meeting, we called Cibelis to check to make sure she was still alright with us coming to her house to teach the two of them, and during that call, she told us that they weren't ready to change, and that they didn’t want us to come over anymore, because they were too busy.  So once again, we lost what we thought were our most solid investigators.  Now we have a large goal, with no idea of who's going to fill those numbers.  Of course we're going to work our very best, and if it doesn’t happen, then it doesn’t happen we’re just going to put it in the Lords hands, and do our best to make the goal.  I've been thinking about the emails that I've been sending home recently, and I feel kind of bad because they are all containing bad news.  But hey, I just saved 15% or more on my car insurance by switching to GIECO.  But yeah, although we've hit a couple rough spots, we're doing our best to continue the work here and to find people.

Now for a couple other little things, slightly less related to missionary work.  I was rear ended for the first time in my life, the key word being, "I".   Elder Lopez and I were sitting behind another car that was waiting to turn, and then the car behind us who wasn’t paying attention hit us.  But don’t worry, there was very little damage, only some scratched paint.  Over all it was just fine, just a new experience.  I feel like I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I also think that my most recent emails have been a little dry, so I decided I'd add something a little more interesting.  Recently the weather has been super nice, like 50 degrees, it's awesome.  I can’t decide where the winter weather is nicer.  Here or Calgary.  Sure Calgary gets cold, but here you have the humidity, which literally doesn’t care how many layers you have on, it's going right through everything!!  But on the other hand, it never gets as cold.  I haven’t had a day where it got less than 0 Fahrenheit, which is also a great thing.  I guess the nicest thing, is that here they have more distinct seasons and from what I've heard the fall is super nice and colorful.

Well that’s about all I've got for this week,

Con Amor,