Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Best District

Good to hear that all is great in Calgary, and that your Easter was good.  Mine just felt like another day for the most part, although I got to go give a blessing to a less-active member in the Sister’s area who was pretty cool.  He injured his foot in a NYPD basketball tournament.  We talked to him about the NYPD and learned all sorts of cool new facts, but I won’t bore you with those. 

I really don’t know what to write about this week.  I guess I could start off by saying that transfers have come and gone, and I'm staying here in North Manhattan with Elder Head which is way legit.  We're both excited about it, and things are going pretty great.

I think I mentioned last week that Jesse's wife passed away.  That was sad, but we got to go to the viewing yesterday which was nice.  Strangely, Jesse was in one of the happiest moods I've seen him in.  Not because his wife passed away, but I think he feels a little less burdened. And he's happy he can focus a little more on helping strengthen his family.  It was really cool talking to him about that for a few minutes while we were paying our condolences.  So yeah, he's doing well, but aside from that, we've really been struggling to find people to teach and our investigators aren't really progressing.  So we're working hard to find some people whose lives the gospel can change.

Aside from that, nothing super special has really happened since the last time I emailed you.  Elder Head and I caught some-kind of bug for a few days, but we're feeling much better now, and life is just great. 

I guess I can think of a couple of things.  So on Friday we had a blitz in the Sister’s area, and half way through, this Catholic procession of some kind went down the street right near us.  Something new I learned was that Good Friday is a pretty big catholic celebration. It was pretty weird, and kinda creepy.  I'm gonna stick up some pics too.  So you can enjoy those to make up for my lack of words this week. 

I also went on a split with Elder Bartlett, and had a good day with him knocking doors and stuff (lots of doors to knock here).  We also went to the George Washington Bridge and took a few pictures.  It was kinda creepy standing on it, because every time a semi-truck drove by, the bridge seemed to shudder.  Not what you want to feel 300 feet off the ground.  But it was cool…I'll put the pics up for you. 

But yeah, sorry I don’t really have all that much to report this week.  Life is great.  Hopefully I'll have more next week.

Love, Carson