Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bednar? Sweet!!!

This week has definitely been better.  Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of time today because we're going to the temple, and the ride we had, cancelled on us last minute, and so now we need  to take the train, which requires that we leave a little earlier.  So... to start off the bad news, I left you last week with one investigator, and then guess what?  On Thursday our last investigator dropped us.  WooHoo.. :( but that’s ok.  I'm not gonna dwell on that because some much better stuff has been happening.  On Friday we're gonna have a supper awesome opportunity.  We are having a general authority… well an Apostle is a better name for him, but yeah,  Elder David A. Bednar is coming to my mission to speak to all of the missionaries!!!!!!!  So yeah, we are getting the opportunity to have him come, and talk to us and for us to ask him stuff and learn from him.  We're SUPER excited!  So yeah, that’s one thing that’s been great.
Also, a couple weeks ago we were teaching a younger Ecuadorian man named Ruben, and because he wasn’t quite ready to listen to us, he dropped us.  So we were kinda bummed about that.  But on Saturday we received a referral from the church saying that this Ruben wanted a video.  Turns out he had lost our number, and that he had wanted us to come back, so he called the church and asked for them to send the missionaries back to his house.  This has really been the miracle that we've been praying for.  He’s been going through a very hard time recently, and now feels more ready to listen to us.  He came to church and said that he LOVED it.  Woot Woot!!  Which is great; the only problem right now, is that he doesn’t feel worthy to be a member of our church, which is something we'll have to work on, but I think he might just be the one we've been praying for.  He's also really been going through a hard time recently.  His wife is still in Ecuador, and recently some things have happened, and they are separating, which has been really hard on him.  He is someone that really has very good potential, and would benefit so much from this gospel.  Like I said, it's been such a miracle to get him back.
Anyways, like I said, we don’t have a ton of time.  And I've gotta get going, but I look forward to hearing back from you, and I'll send you some pictures next week.
Les Amo Mucho,