Monday, April 9, 2012

Conference was the best!

Well, I guess I'll start off by saying I'm glad you enjoyed the pics.

This last week has been pretty sick.  Of course the best part was Conference.  I couldn’t say I had a favorite session this year.  I loved them all so much.  Some talks spoke to me more than others, but I really enjoyed all of them.  I think my favorites were the very first talk (Elder Packer I think) and the talk from Elder Bednar during the Priesthood session.  Oh, I also liked the talk by President Uchtdorf.  He gave a really cool talk with a short sermon involved.  I wrote it down word for word.  "STOP IT" Like I said, it was a cool talk.  He was just talking, from what I perceived, about Christlike love, and how we really need to refrain from judging others because they aren't at the same level we're at.  This is something that can be hard.

It's also the same topic (more or less) that I trained on at District Meeting on Monday.  We talked about Judging and Love, and just how we need to refrain from the one.  Or in the words of Elder Cook "Have the courage to refrain from judging."  And really allow the other to penetrate who we are, and how we view those around us.  It went very well, seeing as I didn't think it was going to be all that great.  But it was.  So YAY!!

On another note, we had something sad happen on Monday.  Our investigator Jesse's wife passed away Monday morning after a difficult fight with cancer.  So we tried to see him Monday.  He wasn't home, but we did get a little time to talk to him yesterday, and from what I could tell he's holding up pretty good.  Elder Head and I were just broken hearted when we found out.  I'd barely met her, but I could tell that Jesse really loved her.  And he was talking to us about how he wished there had been more he could've done while she was here.  Se we unfortunately didn't have much time, but we talked with him and reassured him that he will see her again, and be able to be with her.

And then aside from that the rest of our investigators aren't doing much.  So we've continued our search and we're gonna keep looking for those people that are ready for the gospel. 

Also I'll add a few more pics that I stole from Elder Head.  Plus transfers are next week.  So we'll see what happens...

Anyways, I love you all very much and I look forward to next week’s email.

My District at a member home

My District

Me riding the Subway

New Yorkers like to put stickers on their doors