Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All is well...

(Email from March 28, 2012)  I guess to start off with I'll say that all is well.  This last week passed by super fast, and it's been a really good week too.  Not much happened between Wednesday and Sunday, but Sunday was sweet.

First off we had Testimony meeting and it was a pretty typical Spanish Fast and Testimony Sunday - not a moment of silence. Anyways, there's this one guy in our ward named Oscar, a way cool Dominican about as tall as me, which is not normal. He's just a really funny and cool guy. So he went up and started to bear his testimony and stuff and this is what he said. "Que bonito es....es, soy bonito" (Meaning: What is beauty? I am beautiful). Then he made it spiritual by adding, "Soy Bonito porque tengo el evangelio de Jesucristo en mi Vida", which was great (Meaning: I am beautiful because I have the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life).  It made everyone laugh.  It was good.

Later that night we held a movie night, as a way of finding more people to teach. We told members to bring their friends to come and watch "The Testaments" Which was sooo good. We had a member bring her neighbors which were way cool, and so now we're hoping to be able to teach them soon. Her neighbor’s son who is twelve made a really cool comment. One of the Sister Missionaries asked him what he thought about the movie and Jesus Christ and stuff and he said "He was here" Referring to Jesus, which was way cool. I talked to him a couple of minutes later, and he was just sitting quietly reading the Book of Mormon. It was a really good activity, and now we're working on meeting with all the people that came.

Aside from all that though, things are going well. We found some pretty cool investigators yesterday. It was actually a really good first lesson. We just got to know them, and shared a scripture with them about Christ and how he can bless us and what not. It was just a super great first lesson with them. And that happened last night, so not all that much has taken place since then. I'll send you some pics of me that were taken with the new camera. Hopefully they're not blurry.

But yeah, all is well here. I'm still alive, and now I'm gonna go play basketball.

Love, Carson 

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