Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Skills

Hey Everyone.
Well this week has been pretty good.  Nothing really exciting has happened, but it's been a lot of fun just getting out and doing the work.  I have noticed though that I’m developing other skills aside from missionary skills.  I'm working on my pool skills every Tuesday, now don’t go thinking that I'm slacking off, cause I'm not.  Every Tuesday we have a service activity at an old folks care center and we feed them lunch.  But before lunch gets served we go and play pool with a few of the old guys which is way fun. They also teach us how to play better as well.  The best one is actually from Roatan which I thought was pretty cool.  Anyways, yesterday we were there and playing the last game and my partner Elder Peterson broke it and then after a few go rounds I had two balls left including the black one and they had seven including the black one ( this was the best game I'd ever had).  Normally my partner sinks all the balls (when I'm playing with one of the old guys) but I just kept on hitting them down like nothin.  It was like shooting fish in a barrel.  So yeah that was a lot of fun, even though it really has nothing to do with missionary work.
We got the opportunity to meet with Gabino and Sandra again which went really well.  We decided to watch the Testaments with them and then talk about the importance of the Book of Mormon, which went really well.  The Spirit was definitely there quite strongly and Elder Hulme and I both left the lesson thinking that they will be baptized eventually, but hopefully sooner rather than later.  The only problem is that Gabino is trying to make plans to return to Mexico this month. He keeps pushing his departure date back, so there's still hope that he won’t.  In the mean time though, we're just doing our very best to make sure that we help them progress and show them our love. 

The work here recently has been a little bit slower too.  It’s kinda funny because every time that Elder Hulme and I go contacting we don’t seem to find anyone, then I'm on a split with another Elder and he finds a bunch of English referrals for the other missionaries.  I've been having a lot of fun bugging him about that because we're here to find Spanish people and it doesn’t seem to be happening for some reason not yet apparent to me.  That’s alright though, because there's always a reason for it, I just haven't found it quite yet.  Well that or I just haven’t realized it and it's staring me in the face. 

As for the things you mentioned about the reno/move, I’d say reno.  Unless you want Christina and Daniel to go to school with more members, in which case I’d say move.  Whatever you do I want to have my own bedroom when I get home.....  jk.  But yeah, I think it'd be cool to come how and see all the cool changes.  It's also good to hear that the weather has gotten better. It’s really cooled down here the last couple of days, which is a little nice, but it also means that winters on its way and I'm not looking forward to that at all.  That’s crazy that you got changed in the Bishopric.  What happened to the old 1st counselor?  Although I don’t even remember who it was at all.  So yeah, what happened there?  Also congratulations on the weight loss.  I've been thinking about it lately and I'd like to gain about twenty pounds (of muscle of course), but that’s definitely not gonna happen in the mission, so I guess that’s one of my goals for after the mission.  Finally that’s super crazy about the whole bear thing.  That seems like something you just don’t hear about in Calgary.  Sure we get deer in Pump Hill, but BEARS?!?!?  that’s just weird and cool all at the same time.  As for your comment about Todd, I doubt I'll miss him.  His birthday is far enough into the year I think that I’ll get to see him.  I haven’t heard of many elders who left on their availability date.  So yeah, I think I'll see him, but if not, that’s cool to.  Mahogany is a pretty nice area too, but I would agree about the backyards, they're tiny.  Unfortunately I can’t remember the names of most of the communities down there otherwise I'd give you some ideas, but I think in general most of the new neighborhoods have small back yards.  At least that’s what I saw while working at Spruce It Up.   

Anyways, I'm gonna get going, mainly because I've ran out of things to say.  I'll try and send you some more pictures home soon.  Love you all a lot and good luck with the new school year and Jr High/High School.

Les Quiero Mucho,


P.S.  I dont know if you have much contact with the Harris' but could you ask them to ask Jaren if received my letter.  I just wanted to make sure that I had the right address or if it actually made it through the mail.  And don’t worry about my shoes mom, they're still looking great.