Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ready for a Change...

Well I'm glad that all is well in good ol' Calgary.  Things are also pretty good here in New York.  Transfers will be happening next week, and yes Dad, they're every six weeks.  So for this transfers I'm really hoping that I get some kind of change, whether that’s a new companion or area I don’t care, I just want something to change, mainly because I want to serve around other people, and meet new people.  Currently I've served two seven month spurts in my areas, and that’s a long time.  Especially seeing as I only have like 8 months left more or less.  But whatever happens, I guess it is what it is, and I'll accept it without complaint.  But we’ll see, I'll let you know about that next week.

This week though we've had a couple pretty cool experiences.  The first one is just a funny one.  So Elder Hulme and I were waiting for the bus, and unfortunately the route we were waiting for wasn’t the most reliable one.  Se we're sitting there waiting, and we hear this crunching noise (the one that happens when someone gets rear ended).  So we looked in the direction of the sound, and saw this little green VW Golf, and a big Ford E-250 van or something similar in size.  And the funniest thing was the sound was being made because the van was pushing the car, kinda like a tow truck would pull one.  We both just looked at each other, and thought "WOW only in the Bronx!!"  So yeah, that was on Thursday.

Then on Friday we were going to a few of our appointments and we arrived at one and found out that she was holding a bible study group, so at first I thought “dang, this might not turn out very good”.  So they invited us to join them and we just quietly sat down and listened and eventually one of the people turned to us, and kinda in his own way asked, I know that Christ is my savior because of the scriptures, and I can know him.  How do you know what you believe?  SO I was like wow, that’s quite a question, so I explained a little that I'd have to do a little bit of background before I could answer his question, which he was cool with, so we began teaching the restoration to this group of four people who meet together often to study the scriptures and stuff.  And eventually we got to the end of the restoration, and it was kinda cool to say that this (the Book of Mormon) is how I know what I know, and how he can know it too.  We then followed that up by giving him a copy of the book and committing him to begin reading it and praying to know if it was true.  So yeah, it was just a really cool experience, and then to finish it all off we said a prayer.  One of the others did it, and the funny part of the prayer was that they read it out of a study book thing, so we finished our lesson with a recited prayer.  So yeah, we have a little way to go with these people but I think they definitely have a chance of progressing if they do their part.

And then since then we unfortunately haven’t had all that much success finding people.  All the people we've found have juked us or just had something come up, but the work continues to progress and go forward here in the Bronx.  I also have a baptism this Sunday which should be good.  His name is Jesus.  He's a nine year old who’s been coming with his aunt and recently we found out that the cousin of Jesus is actually the Second Counsellor to the Stake President which is cool.  So we've asked him to do the Baptism of Jesus.  So yeah, that’s the other stuff going on in my life right now here in the Mission field.

Umm... yeah, I really don’t have anything else to add today.  I wish you all a good week and hope all continues to go well and that it goes well at the home show.
Love, Carson