Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Touched by the Spirit

 I don’t really have anything new to report.  Once again Alex didn't make it to church.  But this time it was because he didn’t feel comfortable going without a white shirt and tie, so we're gonna try and find one for him for next week.  We also had a cool experience with him on Monday.  We had a set appt, and just before, he texted us telling us he had to run out to do something.  So I was like Darn!  We won’t have time tomorrow (Tuesday) therefore we must meet today, so we went by anyways, and he told us he only had about half an hour.  We had planned to watch the long restoration movie with him, but obviously half and hour isn’t long enough for that, so we chose to talk with him about what we discussed in District Meeting earlier that day which was the Atonement.  It was good, and we could definitely feel the spirit.  But eventually the half hour ran out and we wrapped up our lesson.  At which point he asked, is that it?  And we responded, well you only had a half hour right?  He thought for like 5 seconds and then said well I can go later, so we kept on teaching and had a really great lesson with him.  It was really cool to see the spirit touch him and see how his desire to listen and learn affected him. 

Also I don’t know if you remember the movie “Wanted”, the one with Angelina Jolie and the curving bullets?  Anyways, a few weeks ago I dodged the talk bullet, but unfortunately it curved around and still hit me.  I spoke in church this past Sunday.  My topic was Repentance, and I focused more on the joy we receive through repentance, and used the story found in Alma 36 of Alma's conversion.  It went well I guess.

And yeah, aside from that we had a funny experience tracting.  We were knocking doors and this lady let us in.  Elder Colton walked into the family room first and went to greet the man sitting on the couch and as he reached his arm out, the man turned his head and hawked a big loogy right onto the lap of a girl sitting on the other couch.  It was so funny.  It turned out the guy has Alzheimer's disease, so I kinda felt bad for him.  And we spent the rest of the lesson somewhat fearful of being spat on, because he supposedly does it quite often... So yeah, that’s my funny experience for the week.  Aside from that I don't really have much to add.  Have a great week, and I look forward to hearing from you next week. 

Love, Carson