Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Members Love The Missionaries

Hola Familia,

Bueno, para empezar. Voy a decir que... No lo creo que Sarah escribio esa parrafo por si mismo.  La gramatica que uso, y las palabras vinieron de un nivel mucho mas alto do lo que ella hubiera aprendido en high school.  algunas de las palabras aun yo no las sabia.  Para de todos modos de diverti leyendo su carta en Espanol. 

Well things here are going pretty good.  It was cool getting a letter from all of you.  I'll start off by saying I'm gonna get a new camera, because I always hold the button down half way and make sure that the camera gives me the green light saying it's focused.  So I'm assuming that something isn't working as it should be.  So I'll go ahead and do that today, and let you know what it cost next week.

I guess I'll start off answering your questions.  There’s approximately 12 Wards (1 stake) in Manhattan alone.  Then there are five in the Bronx, and I know that there’s a Queens Stake, and a Brooklyn Stake.  So the church is pretty big here, but it really appears small in comparison to how many people are living in this city.  One of the Elders in my District got a letter from his dad with the statistic for how many people live in his area.  Apparently in the skinny part of the island over a distance of 25 blocks or so, approx 400,000 people are living.  Crazy right?  As for Christina’s questions, the ward I'm in right now is super awesome.  The members are so supporting of the missionary work, and that’s just so awesome, because not many wards are.  We're gonna have an activity on the 25th.  It will be a Movie night.  We're inviting members to come see a movie, and their ticket is a non-member or less-Active member, so hopefully we can get some good success from that.  We're gonna watch The Testaments.

From the sounds of your letters everyone back home is doing great.  Hopefully Sarah gets that job at Spruce It U.  It'd be a lot of fun, and when I was there I got $12/hr.  But maybe they'll pay her more, who knows. 

As for me, things are going great.  We had a pretty good week, still not a whole lot of new investigators, but we're happy and finding some success from our knocking, and finding efforts.  A couple of cool things happened this week.  First off Elder McMullin came back with his Family for a visit, and I met his parents at church on Sunday, which was kinda funny because His mom already knew who I was.  She was like “wow, you’re Elder Dilling” (apparently when you search "New York New York North Mission" My Blog comes up) so she'd read that a little bit, and it was kinda cool to meet them.  We haven't really had any really cool spiritual experiences lately, but we've had some more success with our finding efforts as I said... Just a few less people said “no” to us or ignored us through the door.  These are all good things that lead to success sometimes faster than others, but that’s cool. 

I just have a quick story to let you know how the members feel about us.  We were walking to an appointment the other day, and this member (her name is Hermana) was walking towards us and the first thing she said was "What happened on Friday?!?" (We hadn't stopped by) She then went on to talk about he she had cooked for us and stuff and expected that we were coming over, even though we hadn't made any appointment with her.  We were actually trying to give her a break and not be a burden on her.  That obviously didn't work; she then said that she expects us to come over every Friday.  We were just so impressed by her love and desire, and we also felt so bad for not having gone over.  But we figured that since we hadn't made an appointment with her she wouldn't do anything like that.  But it just goes to show how much the people here love the missionaries, at times too much, but you need not worry, I'm being well fed here.  We have dinner appointments like 3 or 4 times a week. And the occasional lunch appointment too.  Just another side note, I was thinking about this member and the thought just came to my mind about how similar she looks to Grandma Dilling, I have a picture of her, but I want a better one.  If Grandma Dilling were Hispanic, this would be what she looks like.  I'll get a better pic when we go over on Friday.

But yeah, as I said things are going great here in the Campo Misional.  Hope everything also continues to go well for you in Calgary, and that the weather gets better.  It's been like 20 everyday for the last week here.  Spring has definitely arrived early.

Love Carson

P.S. As for Dad’s School question, I'm currently leaning towards BYUI, to at least get my associates, but then after that I'm not entirely sure.  But I'm still allowing staying in Calgary to be an option.  I'm trying to be fair about it, but I think I'd be happier at Idaho.  We'll see though, I know I've gotta decide soonish, and that'll definitely be a question on my mind during this coming conference.  For now though I'll focus my efforts on what’s at hand.  It'll all work out whatever I do.  I've also been thinking of some other career paths I might pursue.

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