Thursday, May 19, 2011

Pretty Stinkin Good

Hey all!

Ok, so I'll start off by answering your question about the Gopher Hunting.  The O'Bray's was great, especially if you stay in a truck or something and shoot the little creatures from there.  Tanner and I had some pretty good success out there.  I killed a couple gophers that Doug's Zombie killer would have been perfect for, just outside my door, like 5 ft away.  JK that would be a little overkill.  I did find though, that the lever action was the best gun out there.  I had the most success with it.  

By the sound of things, everything is going pretty swell.  Especially Sarah getting to speak at seminary graduation.  Go Dilling family, rockin the seminary grad talks.  Next in line, Christina!! Woo Hoo!  Was Sarah as excited about it as I was?  Cause if I remember correctly I really wasn’t all that thrilled about the opportunity.  And I'm sure Mom’s excited to not have to go to the church anymore after work once she finishes this course, but it's definitely a blessing to have so many buildings at the disposal of the members.  Now as for my journal writing, it's getting better, but still not perfect.

On another note, that youth conference sounded like a freakin blast, running around with swords and what not sounds like so much fun, not to mention you were reenacting the best part in the Book of Mormon!  You should read and use chapter 47:1-19 in a family home evening lesson with everyone some time.  Read/act it out and then you can discuss how Amilikiah is kinda like Satan and we can’t let our guard down with Satan, even the slightest bit.  It's a fun lesson that I like to share with people.  But yeah, that really sounded like a super well put together conference, I applaud whoever was in charge of that, like I said, they just should have done it all about 3 or 4 years ago.

But now to the work, things here are looking up, we had a very successful day yesterday and on Monday we were finally able to get in contact with Nube again, who still seems pretty solid, just she's been really busy and is looking for a different place to move to as her current apartment is too small.  We also went to a house the other day looking for a potential and found out he moved, but the guy inside asked us to come in and share some words of comfort with him.  Now I know that my Spanish is far from perfect, and I really had no Idea what to say to him, I kinda gave a little “help me” glance at Elder Fotu, to which he gave me an “it's all you” kinda shrug.  So I decided shared Ether 12:27 and Mosiah 2:41, with him, I'd shared this scripture with a few other people in the past, and I think the Ether scripture is a particularly good one.  After wards, the guy asked us if we could come back and talk a little more with him, so we set up a return appointment for tomorrow and left him with a copy of the Book of Mormon.

Anyways, I really don’t have a ton to add and I'm running out of time on the computer, but just know that I'm lovin life and things are going pretty stinkin good here in New York. 

Les Quiero Mucho,

Carson/Elder Dilling.  Whichever you prefer to call me.