Friday, February 10, 2012

Good things happening in NY

Hi!!  So NY won the Superbowl.  I must admit, I was a little disappointed to find that out, but that's cool.  It's always fun living in a city where something big happens.  All I need now is to have the Rangers win the Stanley Cup, but that's definitely not something I'm hoping for. 

Anyways, this week has gone by super fast as always, and it was a pretty good one too.  Nothing super special is really going on right now.  Jesse our Bap date, currently doesn't have one because of some other trials that are going on in his life.  The biggest one being with his wife who currently is in hospice care because of a cancerous tumor in her skull that they got rid of, but it affected her and now she needs A LOT of help, so that's kinda pulling him away from the Waters.  But it's okay, because he is really sincere and wants to be baptized.  Also, his lack of a job right now hasn't helped much either.  He's doing all he can to make the best of his situation, and we're trying to help support him as much as possible.

Aside from Jesse, we're working with a few other people that we found with the help of the Sisters during a blitz.  We found these way cool guys from the Dominican Republic who've been to the church there a couple times, and have been here for about a year.  We're also teaching their aunt, and all of them want to come to church.  Actually, that brings up a pretty cool story.

So we were at their house on Monday, and we went to teach Kelvin, but ended up teaching him and his brother Eriso and their Aunt Kenny (who are both new investigators).  Anyways, we decided to read 3 Nephi 11 with them because that's the assignment we gave to Kelvin the week before.  We read it and taught a little about the doctrine of Baptism and such, and then without us even mentioning anything about church attendance, Kenny asks when the meetings are and whatnot, so we told her 9 o'clock Sundays.  Then she was like “darn, I work Sundays” (she actually works 7 days a week).  But then she continued by explaining how she'd only had the job for like 6 days, and then went on and explained how maybe in a few weeks she could ask for the day off.  She just wants to get her metaphorical foot in the door if you know what I mean.  So were all like YEAH, that's awesome!  We said “In the meantime we'll continue coming back here to teach you so that you can continue getting prepared for that day.  Her next question was “when can you come back?”  So we fixed an appointment for tomorrow with her and Eriso.  Kelvin has to work, but that’s cool because it gives us a chance to teach them the restoration lesson, and hopefully even extend a baptismal date.  So yeah, they seem super legit. 

Anyways, about the baptismal situation here, tonight I'll be doing a little bit of a split to interview one of the people getting baptized by the other missionaries, and then this Saturday two people will be getting baptized.  So things are going great here in Inwood A.K.A. Washington Heights.  As for your question about interviews, I interview those who I don't teach, and then the zone leaders interview those I do teach.  The Sisters had a baptism this past weekend, and that went pretty great once the candidate made it to the church (1.5 hrs late:))  It was a lot of fun though.  I'll excuse her though, seeing as she is an older lady who has trouble remembering things occasionally.

And finally the packages, they're here, but I don't have them yet.  I should get them tonight, and then I'll be sure to send out thank you's and what not.

Anyways (<--- that seems to be my most used word), I hope you all have a Great Week, I love you all very much,


P.S. could you put all the advice stuff on one sheet and send it to me in the mail? That would be very cool.

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  1. Hi Carson it is Maddie and Cooper we are at Grandma and Grandpa's house after church. We are so proud of you for being on a mission! We are also glad that things are going well and that you are having some good experiences. We are super excited to see you when you get home. Good luck with the rest of your mission.
    We Love you lots.