Tuesday, February 28, 2012

An Answer to her Prayers

Dear Family,

Hey, so to start off I included a few pics of a verb chart that maybe Christina could use, seeing as I only have the one that I am using. 

But yeah, so this last week, well I guess weeks, have been really great.  We're really hoping that Jesse's baptism goes through this weekend, but we'll have to see.  It seems like Satan is working super overtime to make sure that he doesn't get baptized.  He just seems to be too busy to do anything, plus his family really doesn't help him at all, but we're still gonna work with him and support him and stuff. 

Anyways, so as I said this week was really good.  The best part of it was actually yesterday.  I'll say though, that it didn't really sound all that good when it first started.  I was on a split with Elder Fan, one of the English elders in my zone, his companion was with Elder Head.  Our plans for the day consisted of one hour of lookups and the rest of the 7 hrs as contacting and knocking on doors, just general finding (not my idea of a fun day).   Sure, a little bit of finding is cool if you have some lessons planned, but looking at your plans and seeing that you've PLANNED 6 hrs of finding isn't cool. 
So around the fifth hr. we were knocking doors in this project and had knocked around 5 floors without really finding anyone other than a couple Spanish people, but I was in the English program for the day, so I was really looking for people to help the English elders.  Anyways, back to the story.  So we're knocking these doors and we eventually knock on this door that from outward appearances is like every other door we have knocked on, but then a lady named Donna answers the door and looks at us kind of weird, with a gaze that said, “What the heck are you doing here?”  We introduced ourselves as missionaries.... you know the drill.  Anyways, I was talking to her about the Book of Mormon and then I had to look down for a second to grab a card.  When I looked up again she was crying.  I thought to myself ok, what’s up, this definitely isn't normal.  Eventually she composed herself and told us that her father had recently passed and that it had been a really hard week for her and that at the very moment that we knocked on her door she had been praying for some help. She then expressed how we were an answer to her prayers and that she wanted us to come back, so we made a return appointment for this Saturday and even though I won’t be there, I'm super excited for the English elders to get to see her and stuff, she’s so legit. 

Those elders definitely deserve it.  It was also kinda cool too because that very morning I had been thinking about how I always hear these stories of finding people and those types of miracles, but hadn't ever experienced one and now I have.  The Lord definitely works through tender mercies and it made that day of finding more than worth it.

But yeah, that’s the cool experience I had this week.  Aside from that, things are all relatively normal.  Unfortunately, Kenny and them have kinda gotten super busy as of late, but we'll get them back soon.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and I look forward to YOUR letter next week.

Love, Carson

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