Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Things here are going pretty good

Hey everyone!

Things sound like they're going pretty good on that side of the border.  Good luck Sarah with High Jump and Shotput I never would have expected you to do high jump, but hey, that’s cool.  Has any progress been made with the Dog Run and Getting Chester to use it?  By the sounds of our grass condition, I guess that’s a negative. 

Anyways, things here are going pretty good.  We've just been doing A LOT of finding people and so far haven't received much success, but that’s how it is, some weeks are good, others slow.  It’s kinda like the tide, it comes in and goes out.  But I am excited for this coming Sunday, Ricardo is getting baptized!  Neither of us are doing the ordinance itself, but that’s ok because I think it’s better when a member does it.  So yeah, we're excited for this Sunday and so is Ricardo and his wife.  Her more than him, I think.  Nube's doing alright too, we keep trying to meet with her, but when we set an appointment, her boss seems to know and always asks her to stay at work longer and of course she's not in a position to say "No".  We have an English speaking investigator who is a part member family and the wife speaks Spanish.  He knows Spanish, but just grew up speaking English, so he likes it more and his wife speaks perfect English, but is the opposite, she prefers to speak Spanish.  Kinda fun.  The problem with them is getting to church, they have a hard time making it there on time.  But hey, church is the problem with most I think.  Unfortunately, Elder Fotu and I are still here alone and by the looks of things, it's not gonna be changing anytime soon.  The mission is a little short on missionaries at this point in time and also there really isn’t enough work to put two companionships here.  The PEC meetings here are great, they are super effective from what I've seen and from what I've been told by other missionaries.
Anyways, I have some good news and some bad news about the ticket.  I didn’t receive any points and by going to court it got dropped down to a parking ticket.  The bad news is that a parking ticket in Eastchester, NY costs $150.00  So I'm sorry, that kinda really really sucks.  You can take the money from my tax return.  I don’t want you to pay for my stupidity/blindness.  The reason I got the ticket was for turning left at a no turn left sign.  The reason for doing that was that I didn’t see the sign, until I was halfway through the turn and there were cars coming towards me.  That was somewhat unfortunate, but it's all taken care of now. 

As for the birthday ideas.  I've been thinking a little about it, and decided that I'd like a couple more Short sleeved shirts.  If you could find ones that are more fitted, and without button down colors that'd be perfect.  The ones I got from Mr.Mac were perfect.  They're Enro's.  Aside from shirts, music is always nice, I really like music without words, like the Scores from movies.  I have the Gladiator Soundtrack, which is really good.  If you could find it, I'd really like the Prince of Egypt Soundtrack.  What you could also do if you wanted them as well, is put them on the computer, then send me burned discs, that way if they get scratched I could just as for you to send me a new burned one.  Now to the candy ideas.  I've really been craving an eatmore recently.  Those are fantastic.  As for that I'm not really sure.  Also, I lost my knife (The pocket knife dad has. (black one).  I wouldn’t mind a new pocket knife, they come in handy occasionally.  Umm...what more.  I heard there's gonna be a new Call of Duty MW3 so you could preorder that and have it waiting for me when I get home :) JK.  Socks are never a bad Idea, I really like the ones made form Bamboo fibers.  They last really well too.  My shoes are in pretty much in perfect condition still a few scratches, but that’s not a problem.  Another watch would be nice, I’m thinking of sending my Nixon home.  I don’t want that to get lost/broken/stolen.  So yeah, maybe a DSLR.  I prefer taking pictures with the Pentax over my current camera.  Once again JK.  But yeah, I'll be happy with whatever you want to send me.  I'm really not in need of any more P-Day clothes though.  Maybe a few pairs of socks.  I really like the American Eagle Super Low Ankle socks.  They stay on my foot, and don’t slide off the heel.  But any super low ankle socks are good.  I would only need like 3 pairs.  Anyways yeah, that’s about all I've got.  I've been pretty good at staying on top of my letter writing.  Just need to write Sam a letter here soon before he leaves for the MTC.  I'll do that during this week some time. 

So yeah, I hope that everything continues to go super duper with each of you and I look forward to reading your letter next week.

With mucho love,
Carson a.k.a Elder Dilling

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