Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ricardo's Baptism

Hey all!

First off for your "Spanish".  I can understand it, although google translate definitely isn’t perfect.  I could make it out though.  So yeah, we're still staying pretty busy, although there are those slow days that just seem like weeks.  But that’s ok, because weeks feel like days.  The temperature here is still really nice.  Today it hit 100, which was ridiculous.  I'm glad it was P-Day and I didn’t have to wear my regular clothes all day.  That’s too bad that it's been raining alot there.  I haven’t seen much rain for about a week and I'm glad, cause when it rains the humidity jumps another 20% and this humidity is dirty and disgusting, nothing like Mexico.  But like you said, at least it's not snowing.

So this week was great, the Baptism of Ricardo went very well, even though it had a few bumps along the way.  Unfortunately the baptismal fount didn’t want to let warm water out, so we helped warm it up with warm water from the kitchen tap, which actually did a pretty good job.  Aside from that, it all went very well.  His wife wasn’t baptized as she is already a member, but after the baptism while he was changing she got up and bore her testimony about how happy she was that her family was finally being united in this way and how much she's looking forward to being sealed in the temple in the future.  So yeah, it was really great.  I'm happy as well to finally get to see some of the fruits of my labor (not that I wasn’t happy before).  We also found out that the lady we've been teaching from Toronto can be baptized here, so we're planning on giving her a baptismal date soon.  Also, once she's back in Toronto, if you ever want to visit, she's willing to offer her house as a place to stay.  Her name is Blanca, and she's Hermana (Sister) Suna's aunt, a member in the ward who was baptized last year.  We've been teaching her and I'm pretty sure that she is ready to get baptized.  She just loves the gospel.  When she lived back in Ecuador she was taught by the missionaries, but when she moved to Canada in 72' she lost contact with the church until she came here to visit her niece.  Hna (Sis.) Suna really wants her to get baptized to and has been a great help.  Also they love to feed us whenever we come over to teach, which is awesome and I certainly won’t complain about that.  As for Elder Fotu and me, things are still going well between us.  It actually gets better as time goes on, but we would like a couple other missionaries to converse with.  As for the picture thing, I'll try and get some more pics. 

It was good to hear that Sarah's grad went well and that she enjoyed it and yes, that is a very nice picture with Dad.  I also really like the dress.  Hopefully it stops raining in time for Christina's graduation.

As for the Question about the Shirts, Yes I'm still a 15.5 tall.  For the short sleeved ones and they’re fitted as well.  (Fitted = much better looking)  But anything you want to send is good with me. 

I'm out of time for today, but I hope that you all have another fantastic week, good luck in your final weeks of the course and I love you all.

Elder Dilling

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