Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Some Pictures

Ok, so first I want to ask.  Do you have any pictures of my car because I don’t and I'm really hoping that you do because I want something with which to remember “Shirley”.  Also, I wish I could have gotten a little more notice (but don’t worry about it) so that I could have told you to tell the guy who bought the car what her name was and finally, as for the whole thing about getting a new car when I get home.  Don’t worry about it.  Remember when I called home at Christmas Grandpa Smigel told me he'd give me his TL.  So all is good. 
 Aside from that, that hockey game sounded pretty legit.  I've actually been kinda following the playoffs through the members here and although it pains me to cheer for them, I've been cheering for Vancouver and Washington. To answer your question about the teaching of English people, to be honest we really haven’t been teaching anyone.  The work has kinda slowed down here a little.  It's been hard, but that’s just the ways things are occasionally.  Also, I finally brought my camera and stuff so I put up some new pics and a couple videos. 
Daniel:  Good to hear that all is well with you and that you are enjoying grade 6.  It’s probably getting pretty close to those finals that you've gotta take right?  (I don’t remember what they're called.)  I'll bet you’re excited for that!  Flag football will sure be fun, but I'm starting to be much more a fan of Futbal, and Volleyball.  Currently those are my favorite team sports.  But you didn't really ask me any questions so I have no answers for you right now.  But that’s ok, you can ask me any question you want on Sunday.
 Christina: The weather here is very overcast, but..  SUPER GREEN.  Everything is so freakin green the night is darker here because all of the streets are covered by trees and they don’t really believe in having street lights.  But aside from the gloomy aspect, it's nice and warm, so that’s great.  As for the Spanish it's getting better little by little.  I can communicate with people more or less now.  Congratulations on making the high jump team.  Personally my favorite event when I was in track was the 3000m mainly because I wasn’t very fast and that’s the slowest running race.  The 1000m is still pretty fast.  If you’re gonna do that one, make sure you really train for it.  I'm sure you'll do great.  Also, good luck with Chester.  Has he gotten much better at listening to people yet?
 Sarah:  Unfortunately I can’t write to you since I haven't received a letter back from you yet.
 Dad: Just kidding Sarah!  Gotcha, (I hope) I agree with you about sushi, well at least for the majority of it, some of it is good.  It also smells terrible.  I had a roommate at BYUI who made it and it stunk up the whole house for like 2 days and no, Spanish people don’t really have any special Easter dishes, although, I have been asking the members to cook us cuy (guinea pig).  Anyways, that’s about all I got for you for now.
 Dad: for real this time.  That’s kind of a cool story about the drunk guy.  My drunk story is about this guy I was teaching who was obviously drunk off his rocker, but didn’t want to admit it.  Anyways, he wanted to pray so we let him and in the middle of his prayer he jumps up and starts yelling and grabs one of our pamphlets and refers to it as the bible and well it was just a mess.  It was a fun experience but a mess all the same.  I have another story to tell you, but I don’t want to tell all of them, I need something to save for the phone call home.  Which I have been thinking about and I think the best thing to do since we don’t really have any set plans is I'll call you on Sunday some time after 2 your time.  4 my time, and then from there you can call me back.  Just make sure your afternoon is more or less free.  Also, what mission is Sam going to again?  I've been meaning to write him, but it just keeps slipping my mind.  I am looking forward to talking to you on Sunday.
 Mom:  Last but certainly not least.  Good to hear that your class is going well, as for Jessica, that’s crazy, I don’t know how someone could be that willing to be apart from their husband, especially after only like 2 weeks of being married.  Is he a member of the church?  As for Tanner that’s quite the journey he's taken to come to his decision.  But hey, we all learn from life and lessons are learned through many different paths.  I'm sure he's had experiences doing things this way that I'll have to learn another way.  As for the transfer thing, I'll be receiving what they call shot calls on the 9th.  Those are the calls that inform you about who's leaving and who’s staying in an area. 
 Anyways, I'm gonna save the rest for the phone call on Sunday.  Until then I hope all continues to go well.
Elder Dilling
Inside of the "missionary mobile"

Our new missionary wheels (Subaru Imprezza)

No explanation required

One of my favorite ceviche ingredients - squid!

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