Sunday, May 1, 2011

No Letter?

I can't believe how short your last email was!  Don't you love me any more?  Just kidding! It must have been a finger slip or something because I know you really wrote more than a couple of lines and I will look forward to seeing them next week.

Anyways, unfortunately we still haven’t had an opportunity to give Nube a date, she wasn't at her house last Wednesday, and we haven’t really had an opportunity to go back to her house recently, so we're hoping to change that within the next couple of days.  Wish me luck; or better yet prayers are always nice.  Aside from that our other date is also getting pushed back once again. His work has been really busy, and has been keeping him from meeting with us and from coming to church, which makes things really hard when you’re trying to baptize somebody.  But hey, what can I do, everyone has their own agency.  Aside from that we are trying to find new people to begin teaching.  On Monday we had a Mission Training about the importance of finding people to teach.  This also happens to be the least enjoyable thing to do.   The most enjoyable being teaching people.  But I can't do one without the other. So.. Elder Fotu and I think we are going to have to make some new goals for the coming week, which might also be my last week in this area.  I've been here for about four cycles, and I think there’s probably a high chance that I leave at the end of this cycle.  So next week will be potentially my last P-Day here.  I'll find out the day after mothers day. 
On another note, I went on a split this last week to Danbury with the companion of one of my Zone leaders.  His name is Elder Kropf, and he's been here for about one cycle less than I have so I thought that it was going to be a little interesting with both of us being new and speaking Spanish.  But it turned out to be much easier than I thought that it was going to be we actually ended up teaching a first discussion to somebody that we door knocked, it was pretty cool and I was amazed at how even though we don’t know much, the Spanish that we did know was definitely enough to allow the spirit to be there and to work through us to convey our message this Older Gentleman.  It was just kinda cool to think back afterwards on how much my Spanish really has gotten better since I got to NY. 

But that’s about all I got, as you all know I'm not much of a writer.  But I love you all even though you didn't actually send me an email this week.  I live you all and look forward to next Wednesday and the Sunday after that when we can talk again.
Les Quiero Mucho,
Elder Dilling

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