Friday, September 14, 2012

Quite a Few Investigators

Yonkers is a pretty nice area, although I'll admit I've never actually seen the front of my building.  We always enter through the garage and then get to our apartment from there.  I've never even been into the courtyard.  But life is going pretty good.  It is definitely getting a little harder to focus on missionary work, but be assured that I'm not letting that natural man win.  I'm working very hard to stay focused on what I'm doing here, and things are going quite well.

We have quite a few investigators right now that are all doing pretty good.  This one family in particular is really awesome.  We just refer to them as Marta and family because it's her kids, her brothers and sisters, and their kids and husbands.  All in all we generally have about 8 people in that lesson every time we go to her house.  She was found by the sisters when one of their members called them and said he wanted the missionaries to visit his sister (who was having some health issues for which she has successfully been treated and is now recovering).  So we've been teaching them a number of times, and they've come to church a few weeks which is cool because it fills our chapel to capacity pretty much every time they come. 

Just a quick note about my's in a rented building.  The church is working on getting an actual building, but it hasn’t happened yet.  Also it has many problems; the biggest one being that every time it rains outside, it also starts to rain inside.  The other day we went to the church and ended up collecting enough water to almost entirely fill one of those big garbage cans.  It was ridiculous!  So yeah, the church is working on that, and I'll definitely get some pics of all that.

Anyways, so we've been working with them, and I definitely feel that they'll eventually get baptized.  It might take a little while, but I can really feel of the generosity and desire to learn.  Also, about three weeks ago after one of our lessons they made some food for us (and them) and then we were talking about food and what we like and stuff, and I made a comment about a type of Mexican food that I hadn't tried and wanted to try called Mole (Mole-eh).  Then the other day when we went by we finished our lesson and they informed us that they had made us some Mole just for me.  That was way awesome, and I'm definitely going to miss them when I leave.  But till then I plan on continuing helping them receive and understand the gospel. 

But yeah, that’s about it for that.  We've also got some other pretty cool investigators who we're teaching, and the work here is going way good.  As for your other questions, I’m loving driving again. It's one of my favorite things to do, not really sure why, but I just really enjoy it (that, and listening to music).  But driving in Yonkers is definitely different than driving in Peekskill.  There’s a ridiculous amount of parallel parking and it's just not fun when two people pull up after and block you in a really tight space.  But that’s just how it is I guess.  Oh, and it's also not fun when you get robbed. 
As for the Broadway Play, it was SO SICK!!!!!!!!!!  I went into it thinking that it'd be a decent play, but it was just great.  I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  It's pretty close to the movie if you've seen it, but they both have their really cool parts.  I don’t really know what else to say though.  I really don’t have a future as a reviewer because I can’t write a whole lot about it.  But it was way awesome!

As for Hugh Hanneson I'll keep an eye out for him.  I've had a couple elders tell me he says hi because his ward is in my mission.  I've actually even served in his stake when I was in Peekskill, but never have I actually met him for myself so that'll be cool.  And as for this whole preparing my room deal, what are you doing?  Just putting my stuff back inside it?  Also I asked this a little while ago, but do you know what my topic will be for the homecoming talk?

Anyways, that’s about all I've got for now.  I hope you all have a wonderful week and I'll talk to you next week which is also my very last P-Day in the mission.  Possibly my last email....

Much Love, Carson (Currently known as Elder Dilling but who is actually named (refer to the beginning of sentence)).  haha

Till next week...

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