Sunday, September 2, 2012

Just doing what the prophet asks

First off, life continues to go well.  I'll admit the news about my home coming talk on October 21st is unexpected.  And as you know I always get nervous about talks, and as I read that I'm already a little nervous.  I mean, it'll be fine, but the feeling of knowing I have to give a talk just won’t seem to leave me.  No matter what the topic is, which is a good question.  What is my topic going to be? 

As for our investigators, they're all progressing pretty well.  We've still been finding a few news, and meeting with our current investigators who for the most part are all pretty solid.  The other day two of them expressed their desire to be baptized, so that's really awesome.  Now we just need to help them get prepared for these things.  As for your question about whether I'll have any before I leave, I'm pretty sure I will, but that's never really been the most important thing for me.  Of course I want to baptize, and that's pretty much my purpose as a missionary.  I'm just trying my best to do what the prophet asks, and then if someone happens to make that choice, it's just the icing on the cake. 

And that’s sweet about the business.  Maybe with that money you could purchase a new GPS for me when I get home.  Just kidding, but I had the rather disappointing experience the other day of having my GPS stolen from our car.  I guess I forgot to lock the car, and within the 2 minutes that the locks close themselves someone came and stole mine, and the churches GPS that wasn't working.  And then when we were coming home, I went to grab a piece of gum from a pack I keep in the car and found out that he stole that too!!!!!!!  I couldn't believe it.  It was ridiculous.  The worst part too is that all my stuff was put away.  The only way to know I had a GPS was the mount on the window.  So that really stank up my day yesterday.  But I've filed a police report and maybe if God feels inclined to bless me so, I'll get my GPS someday.  But yeah, that was something very unfortunate that took place.  Amazingly though, he didn’t take my RayBans that were sitting on top of the GPS in the armrest compartment.  So for that I'm very thankful.  As you can now tell, Yonkers is a pretty ghetto place, with lots of crime. 

Also this morning we found a full bag of weed in the dryer we put our clothes in.  It was pretty funny, so we disposed of that, but it gave us a good laugh.

Not much has happened aside from that though, so I hope that you all have a great week, and enjoy your last days of summer.  And I'll try and find out what’s up with my arrival/leaving date.  I'm surprised you don't know yet.

Love you all, Carson

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