Sunday, June 3, 2012

Still Working Hard

Alrighty, well like you, I really have no idea what to say or put in my emails anymore.  I feel like more or less it's always the same stuff time after time.  But I guess I'll start off by saying that I have included some pics, so you can check those out. 

As for the work here, it's been super tough.  People just don’t seem to want to listen to us.  We've been knocking doors, and no one is really interested in anything, which makes it hard for us to find investigators.  On Thursday I was kicked out of a building for the second time.  That almost never happens.  But this lady using a very "colorful" vocabulary impolitely asked us to leave.  It was very unpleasant.  She didn't actually kick us out, but she called the Superintendent and he quite politely asked us to leave to which we most graciously obliged.  He was much nicer about it.  Since then we've spent a lot of time doing finding activities, mainly looking up past investigators and knocking buildings, because that seems to be the most effective way of finding here.  Elder Colton my Companion from Arcadia, California has decided rather quickly that white people are very rude, and really don’t like us. 

But we've also found some people that seem like they'll have some possible potential.  Hopefully in the coming weeks we can add a few more people to our sadly low teaching pool.  I feel pretty sad for Elder Colton to have to begin his mission with the lack of work we have going on.  But I guess it'll teach him what the low is so he can appreciate the highs to come a little more.

As for spiritual experiences this week we went to a funeral.  I know, not your typical spiritual experience.  But this one was really different.  The father of one of our members passed away, and he was Catholic, so most of the service was a Catholic service.  It was interesting during the Priest’s "lecture" the people were talking and stuff, and the spirit really wasn't there.  They were reciting the rosary and stuff, and it was just really different and didn’t really seem all that special or spiritual or anything.  But it was still a good service.  Afterwards there was a "second" service, meaning that one of the members of our Bishopric stood up, and we had our own service.  We started off with a song, which brought the spirit instantly, and then the missionaries did a special number.  "Nearer My God To Thee".  The Bishopric member said some words, and we sang a couple more songs.  The whole time, the people were practically silent.  No one was talking like when the Catholic Priest spoke, and the Spirit was there so strong.  It was just a real testimony builder about the church, and its truthfulness.  It was really quite a cool experience.

But yeah that’s pretty much my week, lots of finding, a cool funeral experience, and life’s good.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, and that everything continues to go well for you back in Calgary.

Much love, Carson

P.S.   Dad will have to teach me more Portuguese once I get home.  The Book of Mormon helps, but I really don’t know how to pronounce or conjugate words, but I will one day.  J

City Artwork

Manhattan Temple

Elder Head and Elder Dilling on a service project 
Welcome to my chapel in Manhattan

9/11 Memorial

My Zone

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  1. Keep working hard Elder Dilling! I love reading your posts, they make me so excited to serve in NY come November!!!!