Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is the Place!

Alright, well I'll start off I guess by confirming the address.  You got it.  But I'd still probably say it's better to send packages to the mission office.  Mainly because I don't know when they'll get dropped off, and it's not like Calgary where they'll just leave a package on your doorstep.  So yeah, just send it there.  Scarsdale is like 20 minutes from where I .live, so not too far.  If the package is one of those padded envelopes and it fits in a box like 4x4 then you could probably send it to my apartment, SO it's up to you.

This area is normally referred to as Washington heights, but the missionaries commonly refer to it as Dominican Heights.  It has a higher Spanish population than my last area which I'd say was like 55/45 Spanish/English but here it's definitely a higher ratio, so yeah I'm super excited to be here serving.  My area itself though is smaller than my last one, but its way cool.  It's also a lot nicer, well at least the buildings are nicer inside.  I'll send some pics next week. 

Anyways, I was walking out of the apartment today to come write my email and I just got this way cool feeling like. This is where I'm supposed to be right now.  So yeah, I'm super pumped to be in this area.  The Ward seems way legit too.  It's not quite as big as my last ward, but from what I can tell they're more willing to come out with us to appointments and from what I could tell on Sunday it just seems more involved in the missionary work.  More so than the Spanish wards I have been a part of so far.  As for my district it consists of four Elders and two Sisters.  Myself and Elder Head, Elder McDaniels and Elder McMullin, and Sisters Major and Sanders.  So that's cool, I get to serve around Sisters which hasn't happened to me much yet, but the district is way cool.  

As for investigators, we've got a few of them, but most exciting of all, we have a baptismal date.  It was for this Saturday, but he still has problems with coffee so we had to post pone it until next Saturday.  His Name is Jesse, and he's just this way humble quiet man, who’s been investigating for a long time and just has so many trials in his life, but he really wants to take this step and I hope so much that he'll have the strength to quit coffee in order to make this change.  His wife is recovering from a brain tumor and he recently lost his job, so things are just hard for him.  But yeah, that's one guy we're working with.  We found another family on Saturday as well as a few other people that seem pretty cool.  As for my Spanish it's still improving and even though I feel completely comfortable speaking it I know there's always room for improvement.  But yeah, things are going pretty good.  Unfortunately I really don't have any cool stories for you right now, but I'll try and have some cool spiritual experiences and stuff by next week.

Just a couple questions I had for you, did you ever live in the 17th ward, or the West Stake.  Elder Head has a sister in law who is from that part of town and thinks she had some Dillings in her ward at one time.  Also, what is Jason's current address?  I've wanted to write him but don't have his address.  Anyways, that's life here in the Big Apple, I hope all of you have a fantastic week and all continues to go well.

Love, Carson

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