Wednesday, September 28, 2011

An Awesome Week!

So another week has come and gone, and this week was pretty awesome.   Especially the cool finding stuff we had happen on Monday.

We had a District meeting on Monday and then went to all our appointments, but unfortunately they all fell through, as well as all of our back-ups.  We were not so sure what to do so we decided we were going to knock (on doors) but we weren't really sure where to go, so elder Hulme suggested that we go down near our next appointment, and find a building down there.  We started going down, but the thought came that maybe we should knock the building of a new family that recently moved into the area.

Unfortunately, when we arrived we had no way of getting into the building, and there was no buzzer we could use to ring a random door.  So we waited a few minutes and when no one came we started walking down the street a little until we came to this one building that is more like two.  And I thought hmmm, maybe we should knock here but that was after passing the first entrance, so we got to the second and we agreed to knock the building.  Anyways, we started knocking and didn’t really have much success on the first few floors.  We got one person who took a pamphlet but told us not to come back because she really wasn't interested.

Eventually we made our way down to the second floor, and found a pretty cool person there who said she'd like to come to watch conference this weekend and seemed interested in learning about a modern prophet, so we set up a time to go by on Monday and we're also going to call her to come to conference this weekend.  And then finally we got to the first floor, and started knocking and the second door we knocked I spoke in English (because the guy looked like he spoke English), but he didn't, and he asked us if we spoke Spanish, so of course I said yes we did, and he instantly said come in.  For a second I just kinda stood there like uhhh...  but eventually I returned to normal and we went in and taught him a first lesson which was way good.  His name is William and he's from the Dominican Republic.  He lives here with his family and he wants us to come back and teach all of them about the church as well, which would be way sweet.  Elder Hulme and I have really been praying a lot for someone to teach who is interested in learning more, and we definitely think that he is that answer.

So yeah this week was great, and so was the game.  The Yankees won 4-2 against the Rays of Tampa Bay.  I'll post some pictures online today. 

And then finally me and Elder Smith had an awesome pillow fight last night, it was freakin epic.  And we got it on camera, so I'll try and upload it eventually. 

But yeah, everything’s going good here, and I look forward to hearing back from you next week. 

Much love, Carson

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