Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One day left

Again, my mom is entering this post for me.  Today was cool.  We started out going to the Salt Lake Temple for an endowment session.  My mom forgot her Temple recommend, so that was stressful for her, but they let her in anyway (it helped that my dad is in the bishopric).  The Salt Lake Temple is an amazing building.  I can see why it took 40 years to build.  We ate at the Temple cafeteria and then went to the Joseph Smith building to see the Joseph Smith film.  While we were speaking with someone at the information desk I ran into my wife (from my BYU FHE group that is!).  Her name is __?___ Smith (I can't remember her first name).  We had a lot of fun together.  She is now serving a full-time mission at Temple Square.  The Joseph Smith movie was great.  What it lacked in action, it more than made up for in spirit.  After that we did some shopping at the Distribution Center and Deseret Book and then went back to Temple Square to tour around a bit.  We spoke with lots of Sister Missionaries.  They could tell from a mile away that I was preparing to enter the MTC.  It was good to hear their MTC experiences.  We also ran into quite a few other missionaries who are reporting to the MTC tomorrow, which was cool.

Once we left Temple Square we made our way back to Mr. Mac to pick up my altered suits and then we changed our clothes and headed out for dinner at Tucanos Brazilian BBQ so I could fill up on MEAT!!!

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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